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Driving instructor Dennis Retera managed to cover 210 laps of the Porsche Experience Center circuit in Hockenheim without ever aiming the front wheels towards the corner. As we know, the most bizarre companies enter the Guinness Book of Records and in the automotive field there is something for everyone, from speed records to capacity tests of the most unusual vehicles. The Guinness Book of Drift extended to electric cars could not be missing, because the Guinness World Records also follows the evolution of times and customs.

THE PORSCHE TAYCAN RECORD The new Porsche Taycan entered the Guinness World Record for the longest drift ever made with an electric vehicle (here the spectacular VIDEO of the feat), and the feat was accomplished by the Porsche chief instructor Dennis Retera who completed the 210 laps of the 200-meter-long drift ring of the Porsche Experience Center at the Hockenheimring without ever pointing the front wheels towards the corner. The Dutch driver, now in force at the Porsche Experience Center in Hockenheim, has a history of karting, single-seater and endurance racing. On the irrigated circuit reserved for dynamic driving tests, which extends over an area of ​​80 meters in diameter, the king of electric drift in 55 minutes covered a total of 42.171 km at 46 km / h of average speed, under supervision by the official judge of the Guinness Book of Records, Joanne Brent. Gps and yaw speed sensors placed inside the vehicle were used to collect the data, as well as the camera installed on the roof of the track control tower, used to film the race that set the record.

REAR-WHEEL DRIVE The record was achieved with the rear-wheel drive version of the Taycan. “When the ride stability devices are deactivated, it’s easy to make a power slide with the electric Porsche, especially with this rear-wheel drive version,” explains Dennis Retera. “The low center of gravity and the long wheelbase guarantee the stability of the vehicle and with this car you always have enough power available. The precise configuration of the chassis and steering also allows perfect control at all times, even when the car is moving sideways ». The head instructor, at the end of the test, said how it was very tiring to keep the concentration high for 210 laps, also because the irrigated asphalt of the drifting circuit does not guarantee homogeneous grip. “I focused on drift control with steering – he says – an approach that is more efficient than using the accelerator pedal and reduces the risk of spinning.”

OTHER RECORDS The Porsche Taycan is already a record holder in many other disciplines, from the grueling 24 hours of duration over 3,425 km on the Nardò high-speed circuit, to the best time in its class of 7’42 minutes on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, and 26 sprints. from standstill to 200 km / h at the Lahr airfield.

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