Autotorino launches the Trade-in Eco-incentive and updates the platform

With the renewal of state eco-incentives from January, the Autotorino Group – the largest car dealer in Italy (54 offices, over 1,700 employees, the representation of eight brands, a network of official dealerships spread over 21 provinces in Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and, like Autostar, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto) – has updated its information platform on eco-incentives (here it is), launched in August 2020, aligning it with the latest provisions issued on the subject.

Autotorino launches the Trade-in Eco-incentive and updates the platform

In six months from the launch of the platform, over 250 thousand pages were viewed and more than 17,900 cars configured thanks to the tool on the home page. There are many innovations in the 2021 eco-incentives, both in the incentivized models (including commercial vehicles) and in the access methods. Among the cars admitted to contribution also the traditional ones, petrol and diesel, for which the state eco-bonus is valid only in the case of scrapping of a car over 10 years of age. In this case, Autotorino offers its Exchange Eco-incentive on a range of models, thus guaranteeing an advantage even in February even for those who do not fall within the scrapping criteria provided for by the 2021 Ecobonus.

“We are happy to have put on line an orientation portal – comments Plinio Vanini, chairman of the Autotorino Group – on a topic as topical and important as eco-incentives, which have received substantial interest. This allows us to be at the service of people by providing updated information in an interactive way and interpreting their orientation, to offer services and products constantly in line with their wishes and needs, as we wanted to do by introducing the Eco-Incentive Exchange where state bonuses do not intervene “.

Plinio Vanini
Plinio Vanini

“The numbers don’t lie – continues Vanini –: both during navigation and when purchasing, the gasoline thermal engines/ diesel still represent a primary choice for Italians today. This is demonstrated by 60% of the surfers of our portal who searched for these models, corresponding to 62.8% of national registrations in January, with a booking equal to 35% of the new Ecoincentive funds available for the 61- 135g / km in just one month; on the other hand, only 18% of the new funds destined for the 0-60 g / km bands (therefore electric and plug-in) were requested, with large unspent residues. We need a non-ideological approach to the issue of relaunching the sector and renewing the fleet, aligning the payment of bonuses to the needs of consumers, their spending power, the real service of the market and the modernization of the fleet “.

The Ecoincentivo Exchange formula it allows you to change a car less than 10 years old with a new one belonging to the 61-135 g / km emission band which mainly includes petrol, diesel and hybrid power supplies. These models were also the vehicles most configured by consumers through Autotorino’s Ecoincentivi platform, which allows the expected advantage to be associated with preferred vehicles: petrol / diesel (60.4%), hybrid and / or plug-in hybrid (20, 1%) or electric (19.5%). The Exchange Incentive is a bonus on the purchase of a selection of models from the brands officially represented by the Autotorino Group and cannot be combined with government eco-incentives.

In the first six months the most frequently asked questions addressed by users to the virtual assistant of the Help Desk section mainly concern the duration of the eco-incentives (20%), the type of cars that can be purchased to access the eco-incentives (17%), the possibility to also buy used cars, at km0 and / or company (14%), and finally if it is necessary to have a car to be scrapped in order to take advantage of state incentives (10%). The most visited sections of the platform were the one dedicated to the “car search” (31%), and the home page (28%) where you can use the car configuration tool in relation to the associated eco-incentive.

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