Eurozapping: Germany and Greece tighten the screws; a risky vote in Spain

Germany is closing part of its borders. From Sunday, more question of going to Czech republic or in the region of Tyrol Austrian. Restrictive measures to prevent the entry of variants British and South Africa, detected in these territories. Germany does not want to take any additional risks after it has just extended a full lockdown until March 7.

Greece refine part of the country. Since Thursday, February 11, all businesses and schools have been closed in the Athens region, its capital. Containment is scheduled until the end of February to relieve congestion in hospitals. This is the third time that Athens has been contained since the start of the epidemic.

In Spain, the Catalans are afraid to vote. Drastic measures were put in place for the regional elections on Sunday February 14, in the midst of the pandemic of Covid-19. The assessors are well protected, but the voters hesitate. To avoid any contamination, 300,000 people voted by mail. Sunday is the abstention rate that could win the election.

According to a British mathematician, Kit Yates, the viral particles of Covid-19, which claimed two million lives, are said to be so small they could all fit in a can. The scientist even imagines a solution: “We could put them in that can and throw it into space for a one-way trip. Unfortunately, this is not how we are going to take control of the virus. At present, 200 million billion particles of Covid-19 continue to circulate on the planet.

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