no, the police did not support protesters against health restrictions in Vienna


A viral video shared on Twitter said during a demonstration in Vienna, Austria, police took off their helmets and walked ” with the people against health restrictions! “And to add:” In France, the police will be the last to have the intelligence to understand it and the courage to do it!

The footage was shot on January 31, 2021 in Vienna, during a banned demonstration that was effectively held against health restrictions. The video shows police officers, who are not wearing helmets, walking alongside the protesters, who applaud them. A man shouts ” the police are marching with the people!

Yet the calm attitude of the police has nothing to do with encouraging people to disobey sanitary measures. On Twitter, the official Viennese police account denied any support by explaining that ” as soon as the gatherings start to move, they are always accompanied by colleagues at the front, on the flanks and at the end, if possible “.

Regarding the helmets that the security forces wear under their arms, the Viennese police say that their officers act according to the principles of ” dialogue, de-escalation and law enforcement “. The non-use of helmets is ” clearly de-escalation In a situation that did not present threats.

Note that the police kept their protective masks against covid-19. The police also indicate that 850 offenses were noted during the parade and demonstrators were arrested for acts of non-compliance with health measures, but also of violence against the police.
Which indicates that the police did not march in support of the covidosceptics.

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