a couple of dancers transform a mini-market into a dancefloor

Neither seen nor known, or almost: between two shelves of crisps and lemon juice, two strangers started the ball rolling in a mini-market near Bordeaux train station (Gironde). A memorable scene recorded by CCTV cameras, and highlighted by France 3, Monday February 22. “My employee said to me: “Look at the chips department!“” explains the manager, St├ęphanie Sarrau, who smiles behind her mask. On the ground floor of the supermarket, good humor seems contagious, because even the employees get into it.

She describes this moment glimpsed on the CCTV screen as a real rush of life, a breath. After sharing her crush on social networks, the store manager would like to go further. She would like to find them, perhaps offer them a bottle, flowers or even a dream weekend, to thank them for this moment of good humor.

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