Citron -Jumpy, zero emissions work

1 February 2021 – 15:47

Here comes the fully electric version of the French van. Comfort, space, practicality: and sustainability. Autonomy: 230 or 330 km depending on the battery pack (50 or 75 kWh)

of Roberto Bruciamonti

Driving comfort and ease of use are, historically, the fundamental characteristics of Citron production, not separated from a good dose of mechanical and stylistic originality: even in the compact commercial sector, the French company has always followed these unconventional guidelines. in the specific sector, which led to the birth, in 1939, of the first “modern” commercial vehicle to appear on the world market, the Citron TUB, of which a version with an electric motor was also set up, a forerunner of the current -Jumpy.

Comfort and practicality

Compact measurements and a maximum height of 1.9 meters allow the-Jumpy to have trouble-free access even to the underground car parks of historic city centers, where electric traction and zero emissions make it the ideal work vehicle

February 1, 2021 | 15:47


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