French border workers fear a closure of the border with Germany

Luc Kretz, resident of Blies-Ebersing (Moselle) and frontier worker, is a baker. Every day, he crosses the border to join his company located in Germany. “We are thousands of French people who go to work, who cross the border every day, the so-called border that there is no longer today”, he confides. In the bakery where he works, half of his colleagues are French.

Here, the Covid-19 epidemic has not degraded relations between the French and the Germans. Despite everything, everyone has heard the rumors of the border closing. They can hardly believe it. The most annoyed would be the boss, David Mischo, for whom the French are an essential workforce. However, the epidemic situation of the Moselle worries Germany, with an incidence rate of 315 cases per 100,000 inhabitants against 61 for the neighboring Land of the Saar.

By closing the border, Germany would however deprive itself of 16,000 frontier workers, the vast majority of workers in the automobile industry. The country could also impose PCR tests for all border workers.

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