the medical files of nearly 500,000 French people hacked and published on the internet


The medical records of 491,000 French patients have been hacked and published on the internet, revealing the name, social security number, a prescribed drug, an illness or seropositivity. This data ended up for sale on the darknet, the internet for insiders, before being published for free and widely distributed.

According to Damien Bancal, specialist in the fight against cybercrime and founder of Zataz, the blog that spotted the leak, the scale of this piracy is unprecedented in France. “Leaks like that, I see them every day, on the other hand, what is new is the number of health data in the same package”, He explains.

According to the newspaper Release, this data was allegedly hacked from around 30 analysis laboratories located in the north-western quarter of France. They use the same computer software.

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