The supercars of the Faw-Silk Ev agreement will be signed by Walter de Silva-

“I can’t say much about the range I’m designing, except that, as usual in our profession, we have set ourselves benchmarks: these are essentially Ferrari and Porsche, as well as names like Lamborghini and McLaren. Clearly we will have to work hard to build a brand image, with humility and without presumption ”. Walter de Silva, one of the greatest designers in the world, offers a first glimpse of the work he is doing for the joint venture between Faw and Silk Ev, certainly one of the most ambitious of the last period. On the one hand there is the largest Chinese auto manufacturer with nearly 4 million vehicles sold at home and with 90 billion dollars in turnover; on the other Silk Ev, an international company specializing in engineering and car design. De Silva, for the record, vice president of Styling & Design of the new company that has decided to invest over a billion euros in the project.

The ambitious goal: create a family of Chinese supercars that will be developed and produced in the Emilian Motor Valley as well as in Changchun (China), where Faw’s headquarters are located. For now there is no information on the exact location of the new production plant, but the latest rumors indicate it in the province of Bologna or Modena. “We will choose it together” announced Stefano Bonacini, president of the Emilia Romagna Region at the press conference, who added: “We are facing a project of extraordinary importance. The fact that the choice fell on our Motor Valley, the only one in the world, fills us with pride and rewards the investments we have made in every area, focusing on quality. All the more so since the project fits perfectly into the Green New Deal that Europe looks to, a sustainable development towards which our automotive supply chain has also decided to go “.

The first fruit of the joint venture will be called S9 and will be inspired, at least as a technical approach, by the homonymous concept car presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019 with the Hongqi brand, which exhibited a 4.0-liter V8 petrol associated with an electrical system, for a total power of 1,400 hp. An S7 will follow, also destined for the lines of the Italian factory, and an S5, plus two other unspecified models, which could instead come off the assembly lines of the plant in China. Having said that the CEO of Silk EV, Jonathan Krane, defined the S9 as an “ultraluxury new energy sportscar”, the assessment of the designer from Lecco is more interesting: “There is an entire range on the agenda, we are not talking about one-offs but mass production, although made up of small numbers. This gives me confidence, as it allows us to work in synergy not only in terms of engineering but also in terms of style, with the possibility of creating a strong identity “. If the road-map does not find any hitches, the start of production is set for 2022.

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