New world. Social networks want to strengthen monetization

Different social networks on a smartphone screen. Illustrative photo.
Different social networks on a smartphone screen. Illustrative photo. (CHRISTOPHE MORIN / MAXPPP)

If you have interesting things to say and want to get paid for it, you can do it on Twitter, thanks to a new feature called “super follow”. This system will allow your followers who wish to become “super followers”, that is to say to pay a subscription to, for example, access exclusive content, such as newsletters, derivative products or groups. private discussion.

With this new function, Twitter wants to make its platform more attractive for content publishers. It is also about increasing the profitability of the company, by taking a percentage. Goal : double the annual turnover by 2023. At the same time, Twitter announced, Thursday, February 25, other new features, such as “business” accounts, a function called Communities, which looks like Facebook groups and also groups audio to chat orally, like on the Clubhouse social network.

Clubhouse, in particular, has planned from the start the possibility of organizing paid conferences. This is also the case on the Twitch video platform, where users can pay to reward a broadcaster they like. Ditto on Onlyfan, where a few American stars can earn up to several million dollars a month. For its part, YouTube is testing a function to pay YouTubers with “applause”. We will buy applause and then offer it to whoever we want to encourage it. Other systems are also being explored, such as the possibility of directly purchasing products presented by influencers in videos on YouTube, a kind of tele-shopping 2.0.

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