on YouTube, the crazy success of history channels


Benjamin Brillaud, alias Nota Bene, is a “storyteller”: on social networks, he tells the story to internet users. On the menu of the day, Alexandre Le Grand. For his million and a half subscribers, Benjamin covers the history of Antiquity in the 20th century on his channel. And his project is far from being an artisanal one. “We have eight employees, we have between 35 and 40 authors who work per year”, explains the enthusiast. Fun and accessible, Nota Bene’s videos delight Internet users of all stripes and ages. “In April, with the confinement, we passed the mark of eight million views in the month”, even welcomes Benjamin Brillaud.

Popularists of history have multiplied in recent years. So much so that teachers are also eyeing this online content. Maryse Broustail, professor at Mantes-la-Jolie (Yvelines), in decided to use one for his history lesson. “As we are archaeologists, we deal more with Prehistory to the Middle-Age for the moment, and in particular all Antiquity videos can be used in college programs “, explain Elodie Beaulieu and Mathilde Jean, co-Founders of the Past and Curious channel.

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