the government’s digital communication with young people criticized on social networks


Goal ? Conquer “new media fields”. In order to fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, the government is placing more and more emphasis on social networks, in order to relay the call to respect barrier gestures and health measures to the youngest audiences. On Wednesday evening, the spokesperson Gabriel Attal notably launched a new meeting called “Without Filter”, broadcast on the Twitch and YouTube platforms, which took place at the Elysee Palace in the presence of five young influencers: Marie Lopez – known as EnjoyPhoenix -, Fabian CR, Elise & Julia and Malek Délégué.

>> Three questions on “Without filter”, the new show launched on Twitch by the government

“Young people are breaking the bank”, the “students are having a hard time”, in “depression”, fear of “cardboard diplomas”, they launched in turn to Gabriel Attal, who highlighted the “devices” as the “youth plan”, the offer of “30,000 internships”, the “meal for one euro” where the “psy check” for the students … After the show, and beyond the criticisms addressed to the government for its management of the student crisis, other comments also targeted the very choice of the speakers selected for the occasion.

Several users of social networks thus regretted the absence of students during a program which nevertheless addressed themes which were linked to them. “To grapple with burnout and depression, to have anxiety disorders … and to learn on Twitter that we are represented by rich young non-students, who know absolutely nothing about our current lives”, underlines for example a certain Yu ‘, on Twitter. The hashtag #studentsnotinfluencers quickly met with great success, in particular to denounce a government communication operation.

Same story for Aurélien, who evokes the “galley not possible” of students forced to “queue up in solidarity associations to eat”. A man called “Rayou” asks Gabriel Attal to invite “simply students ” during its next meetings on the various platforms, in order to “really hear the student distress”.

More broadly, this wave of indignation allowed many students to tell about their daily lives and express their difficulties related to the health crisis. A user, who seems to be at the origin of the hashtag, thus returns to a situation shared by millions of French people. “I hear that this is not the worst situation”, she adds, but the goal, “It is to point out real situations that influencers without education in higher education and highly paid do not know. Support for all, especially those in U room.”

“It would be nice if next time there was a young journalist, a young person, or at least someone who is a student to address these issues.”, had recognized EnjoyPhoenix during the show, while becoming the target of criticism herself for having mentioned the “cheated” at the university during the exchange with Gabriel Attal. Malek “Delegate” also hope “that students will be present at the next editions”, while defending his pugnacity during the show and calling on Internet users to do not reduce the emission “to accusations of cheating”.

The entourage of the government spokesperson, for his part, ensures that this program has “absolutely not intended to bring together influencers only”, according to comments reported by The Midday Dispatch. And “There was never any question of the young guests representing anyone”. Also contacted by the Huffington Post, Gabriel Attal’s entourage specifies that it was not a program solely devoted to the student crisis. It is not excluded that a next edition is devoted to students and in this case, students will obviously participate ”.


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