in Germany, Bavaria is testing the vaccine passport

In Germany, some regions want to step up the pace and test the vaccine passport. “Some at the local level want to speed up debates and reflections without delay (…) they print it out, they distribute it this vaccination passport”, explains journalist Laurent Desbonnets, in duplex from Berlin (Germany). This is the case for the district of Altötting in Bavaria. To be delivered the precious sesame by the town hall, the 110,000 inhabitants must receive their second dose of vaccine. “I will have this card always with me, and if one day I need it, I will show it”, explains a female holder.

For the moment, the initiative, which is strictly local, is only symbolic and the card does not confer any particular rights. But the town hall has taken the lead, and even created a QR code on the back of the card, which can be scanned at the airport. Philipp Alterbuchner, restaurateur in Altötting, says he is ready to accept this passport in his establishment. “We saw the alternatives last year, he explains. We were asked to record all customer data, it was a lot of work. This card would be a relief. “ However, only 2% of the population received both doses of the vaccines in Germany.

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