the system that warns in time if you are going in the wrong direction –

It is only mentioned on occasions of accidents, which have occurred, or are miraculously avoided. In Europe, incidents of vehicles driving in the wrong direction are more numerous than thought: in Germany alone, radio stations broadcast 2,000 warnings of the type Warning! Vehicle in the wrong direction! but it is not always possible to arrive on time. Bosch tackled the problem back in 2018, creating the system called Wrong-way Driver Warning: a solution designed ad hoc to warn the driver who is moving in the wrong direction and all other road users who are in the danger area. . The good news that the system, until recently only available as a smartphone app, will be included in the equipment – starting from March – on Skoda models such as Superb, Scala, Kamiq, Karoq and Kodiaq which are equipped with top infotainment of range.

Flashing warning How does it work? When a vehicle approaches an access or exit ramp, the system sends its GPS position to the cloud. After that, the software will compare the current direction of the vehicle with the permitted direction of travel and, if these two information do not coincide, the system will warn the driver who is driving in the wrong direction of the error with a flashing warning on the display. Bosch and Skoda plan to implement the app’s ability to immediately alert all other connected motorists and road users who are approaching and potentially at risk.Our goal is to include Wrong-way Driver Warning in all cars. in line with our motto “Technology for life”. It must no longer happen that a person risks his life due to a wrong vehicle, says Mathias Pillin, president of Bosch’s Cross-Domain Computing Solutions division.

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