the secrets of the famous black forest

The Black Forest takes its name from a spruce forest in Germany. This vegetation is so dense that it masks the sun’s rays; a bit like chocolate, which darkens the cream of the most famous German cake. In the region, all the bakeries offer the authentic Black Forest. In one of them, up to 20 of these cakes are sold every week.

The black forest is composed of a chocolate sponge cake, cherries, whipped cream, sugar and kirsch, and all in several layers. This cake is a piece of regional heritage. Several typical towns in western Germany claim to be his birthplace. Tübingen has several strong arguments to claim this title. In an official town hall building, the municipal archivist is the local specialist in the black forest, which he tastes like a food critic. According to him, its inventor is Erwin Hildenbrand, pastry chef in Tübingen, photographed during a black forest confection in 1936. Contrary to legend, according to the archivist, the black forest could not have been invented before: “this cake requires refrigeration equipment. It is very important for the cream, an essential ingredient that spoils quickly”.

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