here is the new citycar-

Designed in Europe for Europe, the new Aygo X Prologue is the concept car with which Toyota defines its vision for the future of the A segment. A future in which the new small city, now in its third generation, takes the form of a mini SUV with streamlined and aggressive lines, a city car on high wheels and slightly larger dimensions, for a higher driving position compared to the previous model.

Toyota Aygo: here is the new city car

Looking at the Aygo X Prologue, you immediately notice the effectiveness of the two-tone livery, with the red that highlights the lines of the front and stands out against the black of the fenders, as if to emphasize the large wheels. And then, again, the design of the front and rear lights is striking, where in both cases a thin LED strip connects the lower side of the two groups (with a particularly spectacular effect).

Toyota Aygo: here is the new city car

The hexagonal fog lights are also beautiful, while the attachment for a bicycle rack integrated in the rear bumper refers to the use of the car also for leisure time. The idea of ​​putting two cameras in the mirrors to film the road in front of the driver is also interesting, although perhaps we will not find them on the final model for reasons of cost.

Toyota Aygo: here is the new city car

Born within the walls of the ED2 center-European style of Nice, the concept car will have new mechanics: based on the TNGA-B platform, it will be shared with the Yaris and Yaris Cross, but no longer with the Citron C1 and Peugeot 108 sisters, as the collaboration between Toyota and PSA is now over.

Toyota Aygo: here is the new city car

Finally, Toyota confirms its strategy extremely prudent towards full-electric propulsion, anticipating that the new Aygo will have an internal combustion engine, according to a choice that goes against the trend of other manufacturers. However, it is not yet clear whether a hybrid version of the Aygo, mild or full, will be available.

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