New world. Monaco will create a digital identity for its inhabitants


Monaco at the forefront of digital technology. (Drawing)
Monaco at the forefront of digital technology. (Illustration) (JEREMY WOODHOUSE / DIGITAL VISION)

The Monegasque state wants to become a leader in digital technology with many dematerialized and connected services. An e-citizenship laboratory.

franceinfo: Why is the Principality of Monaco going fully digital?

Frédéric Genta, interministerial delegate in charge of Monaco’s digital transition : Prince Albert II intends to make Monaco a leading country in the digital world. Today, the competitiveness and attractiveness of the Principality depend on digital technology. Thus, Monaco was the first country to launch 5G in 2019, and today we are launching infrastructures, we are changing all of our public policies and we are transforming our economy in order to be a leader in this new world.

What does the Monegasque smart city consist of?

For example, a few months ago we launched a digital twin. Every square centimeter of the principality is modeled. This allows us before launching a cycle path, a double lane or a new building, to model its impact in terms of noise or traffic, and to have many other indicators. Today, in Monaco, each urban planning decision is anticipated, modeled and explained to the population thanks to the smart city.

It also improves the environment. A third of CO2 emissions in the Principality are due to cars. Fortunately, 5G and many sensors allow buses to automatically have green lights when they approach, for example, which makes mobility smoother. We also want to help residents to be more responsible. In this context, we have launched an application, Coach Carbone, which allows each inhabitant of Monaco to describe their consumption habits and to receive individualized treatment to adopt more sustainable and fairer actions. This application already has more than 10,000 users.

What is the digital identity that you are going to launch?

We will be inspired by what Estonia is doing with its “e-identity” card. By next summer, each Monegasque will have their “e-resident” card, which will allow them to log into the administration and private services. It will be automatically recognized. He will be able to sign in a convincing manner. We are going to digitize very strongly the relationship between citizens and the State, and later, between citizens and private companies, precisely to develop this digital economy in the Principality.

In this hyper digital context, how do you understand cybersecurity?

Safety and security are in Monaco’s DNA. Since 2016, the Monegasque Digital Security Agency has approved each state tool with very high-level procedures. Our future sovereign cloud is being audited by this agency. It will only be launched after its approval. When you call yourself Monaco, security is not an option, it is an obligation.


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