Belgium closes its schools and catches parents’ parents by surprise

Faced with the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases, Belgium decided in the middle of last week to close tall schools, with the exception of kindergartens in Flanders, from Monday, ie one week before the start of the school holidays.

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Friday March 26, at the end of the last day of school in a nursery and primary school in Uccle, in the south of Brussels, Ludvik said he was resigned. “After a year of pandemic, we will make do with”sighs this father of three young children, four and a half, three years and a month for the last. Belgium has decided to anticipate the Easter holidays and to close schools a week earlier. Only kindergartens will remain open in Flanders, but not in Wallonia, where cases of contamination have increased by more than 30% last week with more and more young people affected.

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“It’s a hell of an organization, we make arrangements with the neighbors, the grandparents, my sister, explains Ludvik. In theory, they cannot see the grandparents but in practice it will unfortunately have to be used! ” This will be the case for Nelson, who is being recovered by his grandmother Michèle, 75 years old and still not vaccinated: “It’s getting long! News is everything and its opposite”, she laments.

At first it was said that children were not contagious at all. Now it’s the opposite! But if it’s for a quiet start to school after Easter, it might be worth the effort … “

“But aren’t we overdoing it?”wonders Émilie, a nurse, whose little Zélie arrives all smiles with the Easter eggs distributed to the little ones a week in advance. She admits to being a little lost: “Some steps need to be taken but we are divided, do we really have to do all of this?”, wonders the young woman, who like all nursing staff will benefit for Zelie from maintaining a daycare.

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