many German tourists disembark in Mallorca



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Spain: controversy after the arrival of many German tourists in Mallorca
France 2
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S. Perez, F. Simoes, O. Labalette, M. Werth, S. Ripaud

France 2

France Televisions

So far, Spain has not closed its doors to foreign tourists. Charter flights of German visitors even land on the island of Mallorca daily.

On average, 50 flights per day are scheduled between Germany and Mallorca, Spain. The largest Balearic island is taken by storm by German tourists. In Germany, it is impossible for them to change region because of the measures applied to curb the Covid-19 epidemic, but their government allows them to come to Mallorca, where the contamination rate is low.

In Mallorca, their 17th region as they call it, the Germans enjoy the first rays of sun and the terraces open until 5 p.m. The German government has been overtaken by these massive departures, while contamination in Germany is soaring. However, tourists reject any controversy. “Where we live, the number of contaminations is very high. Here, the rate is low, and we are asked for a negative PCR on arrival, so we are safe”, confides a German. Mallorca, which lives 80% of tourism, finds itself stuck between the health risk and the rescue of its economy.

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