Covid-19: several European countries impose border restrictions



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Covid-19: our European neighbors impose border restrictions
France 2
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V. Lerouge, D. Brignand, V. Llado, S. Ripaud

France 2

France Televisions

As the Easter holidays approach, all of our European neighbors are seeking to reduce travel to their territory by imposing PCR tests, quarantine periods and reinforced border controls.

Controls were tightened on Tuesday March 30 at the Franco-Spanish border. From now on, French motorists who do not have a negative PCR test must turn around. Until now, only travelers by plane or train had to submit to it. The checks are not systematic, but violators risk a fine of 600 to several thousand euros.

Portugal is also planning a 14-day fortnight for its arrivals from Thursday April 1. The Netherlands and Belgium are also planning a ten-day quarantine, and Germany, five days. Finally, Italy has just decreed a quarantine also of five days, with a second compulsory test at the end of this period. All of our European neighbors are seeking to stop travel as the Easter holidays approach.

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