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Telecom bills: litigation in response to price increases
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Discovering a telecom bill that is higher than the basic amount of the subscription: it is the bad surprise that more and more customers are discovering.

The disputes generated by the increase in telecom tariffs are leaping. They were 1,205 cases in 2020, an increase of 13% compared to the previous year, and represented 28% of cases handled by mediation between customer and operator. A price war that the main French operators had declared in 2018 is at the origin of these price increases. Problem: the market is no longer profitable and telecom companies must now gradually raise the bill.

To proceed with a legal increase, the operator must justify either new services or more data. Moreover, as the journalist David BoĆ©ri explains, to be completely legal “the operator must notify his client one month before the change, or else specify that he can terminate his offer free of charge.“Conditions which are not always readable, or even respected, as in the lifetime offers.

– The 2020 annual report, of the electronic communications mediation

– The main key figures on disputes registered in 2020

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