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The most extreme hypercar Horacio Pagani, founder and owner of the brand that bears his name, presented it ten days ago. His name Huayra R (here the spectacular VIDEO) and was made exclusively for track use. It is fitted with an engine capable of unleashing 850 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque and guaranteeing performance up to 9,000 rpm.

considered by the same supercar atelier based in San Cesario sul Panaro, in the Modena area, the pinnacle of Pagani Automobili’s technological development, contained in just 1,050 kilos thanks to the use of the latest technologies based on composite materials. Safety also comes first, of course, given all the innovative engineering solutions (coming from the world of circuits) that are applied. Limited to only 30 pieces, most of which sold on paper to a few and very wealthy customers, the Huayra R has a base price that astounds as its performance. To have it, in fact, it is necessary to pay at least 2 million and 600 thousand euros. a legend, however, according to the manufacturer himself, that its cars are mainly destined for the Arab markets. from the United States the typical buyer, usually an art and technology-loving entrepreneur (perhaps from Silicon Valley) who is self-made and spares no expense.

Horacio Pagani, you defined the Huayra R, presented a few days ago, a car-workshop. satisfied with this creation?
This new car was created to meet the needs of customers, who have long been asking us for a car for the track. In 2008 we built the Zonda R at a very critical moment for the world economy and we were planning to sell only a few. Instead, unexpectedly, we sold fifteen. It was a great investment, considering that it cost just over a million and now you can’t buy it for less than four or five.

What engine does this new car have?
The Huayra R is equipped with an incredible twelve-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, made especially for us by HWA, which has the charm of the Formula One engines of the nineties, or in any case those of non-turbo Formula One, equipped with today’s technology. The car is also extraordinarily safe, with a chassis created specifically for this car that meets even higher standards than those imposed by the FIA.

What are your markets?
Potentially all of them. Our machines are in fact approved all over the world, comply with all regulations, even the strictest ones, and can have both right and left-hand drive. That said, our most important market is the United States, which accounts for 42% of our turnover. The other markets are half EMEA (acronym for Europe, Middle East and Africa (Europe, Middle East and Africa, ed) and half in the territories of Asia and the Pacific. In particular, only 10% of our cars go to the Arab and Middle Eastern markets and we determine that.

Do customers please them all?
Our company makes only about 40% of the cars that are requested by the market precisely because we want them to remain exclusive objects destined to re-evaluate over time. At the moment we are presenting to our most loyal customers the C10, the evolution of the Huayra, which will be released in 2023 but we have already sold the 43 units destined for the US on paper. As for the Huayra R, we already had fifteen orders before the presentation. After the presentation, between Friday and Monday, we sold eight more.

QWhat is Pagani’s typical customer?
Often a self-made entrepreneur, able to recognize the value of things. Normally they love art and technology, they are very demanding, which makes us grow. They are an inexhaustible source of energy. And then they don’t ask for the discount.

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