how do “fake passbook” scams work?




Video length: 3 min.

Savings: how do money scams work?
France 2
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L. Bazizin, E. Martin, V. Urtado

France 2

France Televisions

A scam to false bank books causes many victims in France. The 13 Hours of France 2 takes stock of this scam.

Corinne, a young retiree, remains hanging on her phone. She has invested 15,000 euros over the internet in supposed savings accounts and is trying to contact the sellers. The phone number is not assigned, she learns. “No response to the three numbers I had, and no response to my emails“, specifies the retiree. These people whom she tries in vain to contact have promised her high returns: 4.26% for their savings products, instead of 0.5% for a classic booklet A. The site is false, but it was inspired by an official site, hijacked by reassuring crooks.

On closer inspection, the face of his interlocutor is that of a model. When Corinne wants her money back, it’s too late. Like hundreds of other savers, she let herself be tempted by beautiful promises. The Consumer Defense Association warns, and discusses the pitfalls to avoid. “If we have someone whose only means of access is a login and password, we run away“, explains Guy Grandgirard, the president of the association.


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