Florian Neicigam, the 21-year-old Breton who enchants TikTok with his magic tricks

Florian Neicigam, magician and future nurse
Florian Neicigam, magician and future nurse (TIKTOK ACCOUNT SCREENSHOT)

The videos he posts on Tik Tok do not show choreography, as the vast majority of users do, but magic tricks. Florian Neicigam, 21, is an illusionist. And his specialty is what we call close-up, the fact of filming without cutting or editing, and especially very close, to show the tour. They range from disappearances and reappearances of objects, to the more classic transformation of a five of diamonds into an ace of spades, to celebrity portraits made by randomly folding and cutting a sheet of paper.

Some of its performances have totaled more than 17 million views. His account has just crossed one million subscribers, attracting the curiosity of local newspapers like West France or The Telegram who are excited to see that the local child (Trébeurden in the Côtes-d’Armor) has even appeared on Brazilian TV.


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A popularity which also surprises the main interested, he, who wanted to do magic quite banal, like all children: after watching TV. He was 6 years old when he saw his first shows in the station, fascinated by the conjurers Bernard Bilis and Sylvain Mirouf: “I thought they had superpowers, he said, so obviously I wanted to do the same, I asked for a magician’s box for Christmas and since then I have never stopped. “Where others end up getting bored, Florian Neicigam, he continued, maintained his passion, learning in all possible ways, watching tutorials on the internet, reviewing the videos of the pros, reading books, by also exchanging some tips with other apprentice magicians.


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So he has been practicing for 14 years. However, that is not what he is destined for since the profession for which he is being trained is nursing. Another way to have superpowers in the eyes of others.

But what we question him, we interview him, is not his vocation as a caregiver, it is his illusionist tricks, this is what attracts: a little unexplained, inexplicable. Like a snub to these times when our Cartesian minds want to understand everything right away, in case of weariness, there is still magic, the only demonstration that amazes precisely because we do not understand anything.

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