is France doing better than its European neighbors?


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Vaccine against Covid-19: Is France doing better than its European neighbors?
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10 million French people have received their first injection of the Covid-19 vaccine. The government is delighted and says it has achieved its objective.

10 millions of French people received their first injection of the vaccine against Covid-19, “it’s simply 15% of the population”, explains the journalist France Télévisions Anne-Claire Poignard. “Are we late or are we ahead of the rest of Europe?”, asks the journalist. After comparison, some countries seem to perform much better. Overall, “France is roughly in the European average for the first dose”, she continues. Be careful, the country is more behind for the second dose.

“In France, currently, more than 70% of nursing home residents have received a second dose of vaccine. 64% of those over 75 who live at home have received at least one dose”, notes the journalist Anne-Claire Poignard. Prioritizing the elderly is the strategy also adopted by Germany and Belgium. Spain has chosen to prioritize teachers and police officers, who can be vaccinated without age limit.

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