the C5 is back, but with the X-factor

Sometimes they come back. Updated, improved and even set on a new philosophy. The Citron C5, produced in two generations from 2000 to 2017 for the D segment, has by no means finished its mission. It is now back on the market with new vigor and with the idea that it is the new flagship of the Double Chevron.

Monday 12 April, early in the morning, its latest evolution has finally been unveiled, which marks a clear break from the past. It does so not only because an X is added to the initials (C5X, therefore, with a graphic solution that highlights the C and X, initials of the CX, a car from the 70s) but because it promises to give a shock to a category of cars too anchored to traditional schemes.


The basic idea is to propose a car which bases the characteristics of the sedan with those of an SUV and with those of a Station Wagon, the latter a solution that has gone down a bit in recent years but in this way relaunched. Three in one: here is comfort, solidity and capacity combined in a model – announced at the 2016 Paris Motor Show – which will have, from an engine point of view, an articulated soul: there will be two endothermic petrol versions, but also and above all the plug-in hybrid, certainly a workhorse because Citron is also pushing on mixed and full electric propulsion.

About everything electric: for now the C5X does not foresee such a model, but in the future it is not excluded that it will appear. The market will give us a precise indication – said Vincent Cobe, the CEO of the brand – but for the moment we believe that the plug-in solution is the best to satisfy a wide range of customers.


Audacity, technology and well-being: the slogan chosen is based on three words that summarize the concepts developed by the designers. Starting from comfort, the C5X – whose production will start first of all in China, while in Europe expected between 2021 and early 2022, with orders to be received from next October – relaunches the habitability and the idea of ​​living room dear to the brand: the mission , on this front, entrusted to active suspensions, heirs over time of the historical, hydropneumatic ones. The technology also brings a whole series of driving aids as well as an enlarged Head Up display that projects travel data on the windshield and a latest generation infotainment with voice recognition.

Finally, the audacity is for sure in harmonizing the characteristics of three types of cars. At first glance, the C5X looks like a sedan, but if you look carefully you will also recognize an SUV look, thanks to 19-inch wheels. The size of the Station Wagon, on the other hand, lies first of all in the luggage compartment capacity (545 liters). The basic measurements of the baby girl, on whose nose appears the brand’s new luminous signature (the X also occurs here) are these: 4.8 meters long, 1.86 wide, 1.48 high. The hybrid engine will be ensured by a petrol engine combined with an electric one capable of producing a combined power of 225 horsepower, with a range of up to 50 km in fully electric mode.


The C5X joins the C5 Aircross, of which he borrows the platform and some aspects, but he will do so – assure the Double Chevron executives – without cannibalizing his sister and, above all, without watering down his own identity. The C5X – explains Pierre Leclerq, Citron design director – has a particular morphology and aerodynamics: it will be impossible not to recognize its uniqueness.

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