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Mood in downtown Yeovil is ‘ultra positive’ as reopening creates wave of business optimism Bath City News

The vibe of downtown Yeovil has been called “ultra positive” after it reopened yesterday (April 12).

The retail sector has now entered the next stage of easing the lockdown, with non-essential stores opening their doors to customers for the first time in months.

With the facial covers and Covid-secured procedures in place, downtown Yeovil saw a number of long lines as eager shoppers returned.

The Quedam Mall, which is home to many chain stores and independent outlets, saw queues at Primark and JD Sports throughout the day.

As stores reopened, those behind the storefronts were keen to salute the work done by local retailers to weather the coronavirus storm.

James Tovey, director of the Quedam Center, described the vibe as “ultra-positive” as patrons took advantage of the kiosks set up along the parade to enjoy a day within outdoor dining restrictions.

Mr Tovey said: “This unlock looks different from the others. We hope it will be irreversible.

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“We hope that the positive news continues, and that translates into customer behavior and ultimately the checkouts of those retailers who really need it after 13 pretty tough months.”

“We’ve given up on guessing exactly what’s going to happen a long time ago, so we’re going to continue with our strategy of driving footfall, helping retailers sell more, and delighting customers.

“If we keep hammering on those three points, we’ll be fine and keep those empty units out of the way. We have plans from A to Z for 2021. “

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Dawn Woodward, director of The Emporium on Princes Street, described how their storefront still had Christmas tinsel and decorations since they last opened.

She said, “I’m pinching myself. I felt a little moved because I couldn’t believe how far we had come.

“The traders are all in and I have to take my hat off to them. They have all been refreshed and restocked. We haven’t lost any traders – no one has quit. We are stronger than ever. “

David Woan, president of the Yeovil Chamber of Commerce, echoed Ms. Woodward’s pride in the town’s businesses.

Dawn Woodward, Director of The Emporium and President of the Yeovil Chamber of Commerce David Woan

He said, “There is real resilience in this city. I don’t think we got out of it yet, but we saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully the rise of football will translate into retail sales. “

The companies have made sure to make every effort to ensure the safety of customers while shopping at Yeovil.

The Quedam manages social distancing to ensure there is a flow of shoppers through the parade, which has the added benefit of being an open-air mall.

Mr Tovey said: “As the vast majority saw when we were open, people are really compliant and just want to go out and have fun.”

Beyond the gradual resumption of normal life and commercial freedoms, the city center has the next Yeovil Refresh program to look forward to.

The South Somerset District Council’s Yeovil Refresh plans will see public spaces in the city center transform through 2021.

Mr Tovey said he was’ really happy ‘with the in-store plans, saying,’ You ask anyone, we all know the main backbone of the city needs investment.

“The money, time and energy spent downtown to create a better public realm is always good.”

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