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“I don’t really care what people think is going to happen” Wine News

Celebrity chef Adam Handling has revealed his secrets to staying sane in a crisis: not listening to the news and drinking alcohol.

The Scottish-born restaurateur, who runs a small empire of bars and restaurants in London, a nationwide high-end food delivery service and which has won a series of awards, said: ‘He does no need to worry. ”

Speaking on the Biting Talk podcast, Handling added that he thought the guesswork was pointless: “ I don’t really care what people think is going to happen because with this ridiculous government that we have, even though we think we know what’s going to happen, they just go around the other way and hit us in the ass.

Management revealed bold plans for new restaurants in London in 2021 and said: ‘I have two more places on the cards, I’m going full steam ahead and my group will continue to thrive. ”

As for the Downing Street briefings, he explained: ‘In terms of stupid politicians saying things at the last minute and affecting people like us and our careers, I just don’t listen. And he had a tip for his colleagues in the hospitality industry stressed by the current lockdown: “ Go to the gym [if it wasn’t banned], thinks it’s Boris and starts boxing.

And as for relaxation after work, he said: “Adam Handling definitely relaxes with alcohol. He will have a bottle and cocktails. All I know is the food and the alcohol. I don’t know anything else and I like to immerse myself in it when I’m not working.

Listen to Adam Handling’s full interview on Biting Talk, presented by William Sitwell. Other guests on this week’s episode are Chef Harriet Mansell, whose new Lyme Regis restaurant Robin Wylde opened just a week before due to close for lockdown and Michelin-starred chef Aktar Islam, owner of Birmingham’s famous Indian restaurant, Opheem. Plus, Biting Talk mixologist Farhad Heydari reveals a drink to get you up to speed …

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