A BMW M6 soft top is not everyone’s cup of tea, but used versions can be bought cheaply

Our roundup of BMW M soft tops begins with the M6 ​​Convertible from 2005 to 2010. Not everyone’s cup of tea, okay. More aptly, it’s not only expensive to buy but also expensive to own and, if something goes wrong, too expensive to fix.

This is why dealers are not interested in storing examples that are very long (up to 90,000 miles is their limit, and most prefer no more than 60,000) or cheap (starting at around £ 16,000 is l ‘where they start). For cheaper examples you are looking for private sellers. This is not necessarily a problem, because you can tell a lot about a car from its owner. Have your M6 expertly inspected and you might stumble upon a good deal.

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The M6 ​​is powered by a 5.0-liter V10 producing 500 horsepower. Apparently the coupe version was faster than the M5 sedan – or maybe that’s an urban myth. Either way, most examples send all that oomph to the rear via a gearbox that has a flaky reputation; even some BMW specialists will not touch an automatic M6 unless they are completely convinced that the shifter is correct.

That’s why we opted for an extremely rare manual: a 2007 car with 62,000 miles, which leaves plenty of room for a good warranty.

However, there is no mention of its service history, which is a shame as you want to be sure that the connecting rod bearings have regularly benefited from fresh oil. We would also check the clutch, as it has a habit of sliding about 50,000 miles. Also during the test drive, we would experience jerking caused by worn control arm bushings. If that’s not enough, the suspension uses electronically controlled shocks which cost £ 600 per turn to replace.

BMW M3 Convertible (E46), £ 9,995: Crumbs: A 3.2-liter inline-six 343 hp, manual, M3 inline six for the price of a new Sandero. This 2003 car has 130,000 miles, but it is in mint condition and has a good service history. The coupe is more desirable, but when summer comes we know what we would prefer.

BMW M3 Convertible (E93), £ 15,999: The E93-generation M3 is not as desirable as the older E46, but we have no issues with its 414-horsepower 4.0-liter V8, except a gauge was not provided. Our find is a 2008 single owner car with 59,000 miles and a full history of major dealership service.

BMW Z4 M Roadster £ 14,290: The Z4 M is becoming scarce and prices are rising. The Coupé is in demand, so the Roadster is cheaper. Guess what we prefer. In any case, the suspension of the soft top is a little more comfortable. This 2007 car with 70,000 miles and a full BMW service history caught our attention.

BMW Z3 M Roadster £ 16,995: We really go back in time with this choice: the 316 hp ragtop was registered in 1998, so imagine our joy when we learn that the 90,000 km has no less than 15 stamps in its service book, including the very important break-in. a service.

Auction watch

Colt Lancer 1.4: With the departure of Mitsubishi, Colt Car Company is auctioning its heritage fleet of 14 men this month. You can see the cars on autoauction.co.uk. Those sure to generate interest include a Starion and a 3000GT, as well as a host of Lancer Evolutions, including an Evo VI Tommi Mäkinen Edition signed by the man himself. It’s exciting, but our attention was caught by the pretty Colt Lancer 1.4. It was the first Mitsubishi registered in the UK, in 1974, and the brand’s stand-out car at the Earl’s Court motor show that year. The little two-door sedan has only driven 74,000 miles and looks immaculate.

Future classic

Fiat Stilo Abarth auto £ 4,999: Even though it’s powered by a 168bhp, 20-valve, 2.4-liter five-cylinder engine, the Stilo Abarth surely stretches the case for classic credibility. Maybe, but there is scarcity on her side. This 2003 single owner, 27,000 mile car also has a full service history. Still not convinced? So how about the Stilo Michael Schumacher Limited Edition with 18 inch OZ Superturismo multi-spoke alloys, Bilstein shocks, Eibach springs and a stainless steel rear silencer? An example from 2006 with 140,000 miles was heading for online auction as this was written …

Clash of classifieds

In short: Can I have a warm weather runaround for £ 5,000?

BMW 330Ci Convertible auto £ 2,995

Porsche Boxster 2.7 Tiptronic 4 950 €

Max Adams: To me the “ hot weather runaround ” screams the E46 generation BMW 3 Series, because with one of them you can get a sturdy six-cylinder engine and room for four people in one package. cheap. In addition, it will be easy to work on, unlike some inexpensive mid-engined cars of the time.

Felix Page: BMW badges will be equal to BMW repair prices regardless of age or practicality, and I would bet the nice provenance of my Porsche Boxster means it won’t be complicated to live with on a daily basis. Besides, what would you honestly rather use to bite into Camber Sands when the sun comes up?

MY: A manual Boxster instead of your automatic example. This is…

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