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Made from 6mm thick black iron, this fire table system is virtually indestructible. It’s quite heavy, but ingeniously designed to pack flat. The flat cooking surface – or chapa – can cook things such as eggs or pancakes, or, on grill bars, steak, fish or vegetables. Add a casserole dish and you can cook bread, puddings and stews on the fire.
Best for: small spaces or camping because it stores flat.

Kamado Joe Classic III

(£ 1799,

Kamados are thick-walled ceramic grills that retain heat with flair, meaning they’re energy efficient and very temperature-controllable (ideal for slow-cooked pulled pork and beef brisket). This latest model features the patented SloRoller hyperbolic smoke chamber that circulates the smoke rings up and over your food as it cooks.
Best for: low and slow cooking.

Beef grills

(from £ 1,700 plus VAT,

Used in some of the best restaurants in the UK, a truly impressive parrilla style grill fired with charcoal, wood or a combination. A pulley lifts and lowers food above the fire, and it has interchangeable cooking surfaces. Constructed of marine grade steel, it can withstand whatever the elements throw at it; it is not necessary to hide it in the shelter for the winter.
Best for: serious grills who want to cook like a pro.

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