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the swedish chef serving reindeer facing a vegetarian boom Wine News

He is one of Sweden’s most renowned chefs and the owner of one of Stockholm’s most famous restaurants, Ekstedt. Niklas Ekstedt’s recipes and methods extol the virtues of traditional Nordic cooking methods – open fire, with its flame, smoke and embers and cast iron, from pans and tongs to ovens and blades.

Yet its fashionable revival of old ways is plunging headlong into a millennial trend for plant-based eating. Vegetarian food is now booming in Sweden as 10% of the population now classifies as vegetarian or vegan.

Which is at odds with Ekstedt’s love for the reindeer. His latest eponymous book features a number of recipes for the beast, including dried reindeer, reindeer blood pancakes, and reindeer heart. For Ekstedt, the slaughter and consumption of reindeer is a key part of a sustainable way of life.

And he has a strong message to all plant-consuming critics. “Usually people who have strong opinions on this subject have very little knowledge of how it works and of the importance of these animals in certain types of crops,” he told William Sitwell in the last episode of Biting Talk. .

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This notice was published: 2020-09-11 08:10:55