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Prince Philip: The people of Windsor remember their ‘neighbor’ and mark the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral | UK News

At the stroke of 3 p.m. – silence consumed the city they called home. An indisputable and poignant mark of respect for their “neighbor”.

People stood side by side outside the castle walls – social distancing difficult under the circumstances as the sidewalks were filled with mourners. With face covers they remembered.

“It’s very impressive to be standing outside today, I felt that coming here was the right thing to do,” said one grieving person.

“It would have been nice for all of us to have been allowed to come in together really as one, as all of England do. But I feel very moved today, it’s good for everyone from to be together outside. “

Prince Philip’s funeral and live broadcast

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Minute of silence before Prince Philip’s funeral

Another described the sentimental moment as surreal because he was unable to see anything in person.

“It’s really, really emotional, it’s nice to come down and pay homage even though we watch it on our phones,” they said.

“I think it was important to put in the effort and come here and watch it from here.”

Windsor has been the home of the royal family for decades. They are neighbors of the residents; locals would often see the Duke of Edinburgh driving his Land Rover through the city and he would always wave at them and give them a sweet smile.

People describe a sense of loss – “the city feels different”, according to locals.

Simon says the people of Windsor, where the Duke has spent much of his time, 'felt a bit lost'.  since his death
Simon says the people of Windsor, where the Duke has spent much of his time, have ‘felt a bit lost’ since his death

“It was quite solemn,” said Simon, who lives near the Long …

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