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Shelps specialize in gluten free, and with sourdough and fermentation settings, this bread maker scores top marks for variety. I like its utilitarian look; it is operated by a very responsive touch screen; and you can bake breads of different sizes.

The breads I made were of varying quality, but overall I was impressed. A quick white bun, only an hour and 38 minutes from start to finish, was warped and skewed. It smelled a little sour (it wasn’t leaven). But it was really pretty good; and was nicely soft with a crispy crust. A very acceptable white toast, even if it is a little salty.

A brown bread (two parts brown flour for one part white flour) was gorgeous: evenly dark golden, medium height with a nice domed top. It smelled really good, like I had walked into an old-fashioned bakery. As for the flavors, it was great, albeit a hint of sweetness. The texture was not at all heavy, a common flaw in other bread machines. The crust, not too crunchy, was ideal for sandwiches.

I also tried a “sourdough”. I’m not sure how it qualifies as sourdough, but it was light and airy, and one of my favorite breads overall.

The only problem was that I just couldn’t get a handle on gluten free. As someone unfamiliar with this area, maybe I was using the wrong flour (even though it said gluten free); but the bread just didn’t work. The same, to be fair, can be said for the gluten-free breads I’ve tried on other machines. Clearly, it takes a bit of mastering.

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