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European Super League plans set to be announced – six English teams involved, according to Sky News | UK News

Six England teams are expected to be part of plans for a breakaway European super league, with an announcement slated for tonight, Sky News understands.

Among the English clubs involved are Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea.

The project was started to compete with the UEFA Champions League format, which currently dominates European football.

Sky News City editor-in-chief Mark Kleinman said: “My understanding is that 12 clubs from across Europe, including the six biggest English clubs, have now signed up for this new format.

“The others include Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Real Madrid.”

Kleinman added, “The new league includes huge amounts of money that will be given to participating clubs. About $ 6 billion has been committed to this new project by US bank JP Morgan.

“And that will come after the finances of European clubs have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, which is one of the reasons why so many of Europe’s biggest clubs have decided that now is the time to form a European super league afterwards. years. / off discussions on such a project. “

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters has written to the league’s 20 clubs in England expressing his opposition to the new draft.

Mr Masters told the 20 that “this business cannot be started without English clubs and we call on any club considering associating or joining this business to withdraw immediately before irreparable damage is done”.

Mr Masters goes on to say in the note: “We do not and cannot support such a concept.

“The rules of the Premier League contain a commitment among clubs to remain in the football pyramid and prohibit any club from participating in competitions other than those listed in rule L9, without the permission of the board of directors of the Premier League.

“I cannot envision any scenario where such permission would be granted.”

There have been reports of a plan for a separatist league for a number of years and speculation has returned in …

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