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European Super League plans would be ‘very damaging’ to football, says Boris Johnson | UK News

The plans for a European super league would be very damaging for football and “we support the football authorities in their action”, says Boris Johnson.

The prime minister tweeted that the proposals “would strike at the heart of the national game and affect fans across the country.”

He added: “The clubs involved must respond to their supporters and the wider football community before taking any further action.”

Six English teams should be part of the plans for the European Separatist Super League, with an announcement coming soon, Sky News understands.

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Among the English clubs involved are Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Sky News City editor-in-chief Mark Kleinman said: “My understanding is that 12 clubs from across Europe, including the six biggest English clubs, have now signed up for this new format.

“The others include Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Real Madrid.”

The project is being launched to compete with the UEFA Champions League format, which currently dominates European football.

The developments come as UEFA itself was due to approve its own plans for an enlarged and restructured Champions League on Monday.

UEFA, the FA and the Premier League as well as the football authorities in Spain and Italy have expressed their opposition to a separatist European super league.

In a joint statement, they said they “remain united in our efforts to stop this cynical project,” adding: “We thank clubs in other countries, especially French and German clubs, who have refused to join. register there.

“This lingering self-interest of a few has gone on for too long …

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