High and powerful: VW Tiguan R vs Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 Car News

However, there is no denying the capacity of the second row of either car. If there are three or four of you with regularity, your passengers will thank you for having one of these crossovers instead of the Golf R or AMG A35. And this is the first strike.

Equally undeniable is the pace of the Volkswagen, which not only has this weight advantage of 99 kg over the Mercedes, but with 310 lb-ft also produces more torque, and makes it earlier, from a lean 2100 rpm.

To get the most out of the drivetrain you have to put the car in Sport or Race mode, how loud the background noise sounds, in the poetry of fellow road tester James Disdale, “Like a Subaru flat four with a leaking manifold.” which was sampled via a ZX Spectrum ”. But the boy is that quick thing. What is becoming evident is that rather than creating a uniqueness for the Tiguan R, Volkswagen has attempted to transplant the personality of the Golf R. roughly. This means that aside from being relentlessly throttle, this crossover is also more agile and direct than you might expect, and the body control activated by the standard adaptive dampers is odd. What also helps is the new R Performance torque vectoring setup, which sandwiches the rear differential with electromechanical clutches that siphon the drivetrain from wheel to wheel – potentially anything the drivetrain can put in. available from the rear, which at all times. is half of the total engine power. This ability to skew the outer rear wheel works in conjunction with the front axle’s XDS differential lock system, which is no such thing but can use ESP to brake the inner wheel on tight corners if necessary.

And the result? The Tiguan doesn’t stuck with a lot of flair like the Golf R can (hit two – sorry), but it stays stubbornly neutral and on your chosen line, apparently no matter what you throw at it. All you have to do is point its bluffed nose in the desired direction and voila, like a salivating bulldog chasing its favorite fang-pierced toy.

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This notice was published: 2021-04-18 05:01:25