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Climate change: ‘Impossible’ to limit rising temperatures if COP26 summit fails – as MEPs say UK has given ‘few details’ on targets | Climate News

UK government has given “few details” on what it wants to achieve during COP26, amid fears that it will be “impossible” to limit the rise in Earth’s temperature if the climate summit fails .

This is the warning of the Foreign Affairs Committee in its report, A Climate for Ambition: Diplomatic Preparations for COP26.

The report describes the summit, to be held in Glasgow in November, as the most important UN climate summit since 2015, when the Paris Agreement was negotiated.

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Glasgow is expected to see the largest gathering of heads of state the UK has ever seen, alongside climate experts and activists, all calling for a new plan to tackle global warming.

The report praised the government’s goals for its chairmanship of the conference, but added: “Beyond this announcement, there have been few details on what the UK government wants to achieve.

“Setting lofty expectations will be crucial for the success of the conference and the government will need to do more than just set broad ambitions.”

The committee also reiterated an earlier warning that it could become “impossible” to limit the average rise in Earth’s temperatures to less than 2 ° C, let alone 1.5 ° C, if COP26 fails.

The report said: “COP26 will be a pivotal moment for global climate action.

“We have been encouraged by the number of countries that have expressed the importance of the climate agenda in international forums; COP26 must now translate these words into action.

“The UK Presidency will need to mobilize public engagement so that as countries come forward…

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