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Elderly woman blows up ‘dangerous’ electric scooters after nearly being knocked over in Bath Bath City News

An elderly woman was nearly ‘run over’ by someone using an electric scooter on a sidewalk in Bath.

Eileen Anderton wrote in the Bath Chronicle newspaper that scooters make the streets “dangerous” for pedestrians.

Ms Anderton was walking along the St James Parade on Saturday April 10, when she was nearly run over by one of them as he hurried past her and a van parked on the sidewalk.

The resident said there was a need to better understand that electric scooters should not be used on sidewalks.

She said: “It’s just not fair for pedestrians. It is becoming unsafe for us to walk downtown.

“What’s the point of having legality rules that are constantly broken?”

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Ms Anderton’s letter reads in its entirety: “On Saturday April 10, I was almost run over by someone on one of the scooters in town. I am elderly and walked from St James Parade bus station.

“There was a van parked mostly on the sidewalk, leaving a little space for me to negotiate. As I entered the narrow hole, two young men on scooters came towards me on the sidewalk.

“I expected them to stop to let me cross the gap, but the chef kept coming. I realized then that he probably didn’t know how to stop the scooter, he just swerved in front of me as I leaned over the side of the van. .

“I yelled at him that it was not legal for him to walk on the sidewalk. He yelled something over his shoulder, which I didn’t hear.

“During that, at least his friend stopped for me to cross the gap.

“It’s just not fair to pedestrians. It becomes dangerous for us to walk in the city center.

“What’s the point of having legality rules that are constantly broken?”

“It seems that people are encouraged to move around the city center by bicycle and scooter, but is it emphasized that they should not be driven on sidewalks?”

Under current law, it is illegal to use a private electric scooter on roads or sidewalks.

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Electric scooters available for hire in Bath are the property of Voi Technologie.

They can be used on roads and cycle paths, but cannot be used on sidewalks.

A spokesperson for Voi Technology said, “Voi has always placed security as the highest priority. We have implemented and implemented security solutions, such as no-go and slow zones and mandatory parking, through to geofencing technology.

“In slow driving areas, for example, electric scooters automatically reduce their speed to 5-7 km / h, which is considered normal walking speed. All electric scooters have clear license plates to help identify drivers and driver’s license and identity checks are mandatory.

“Voi is aware that adjustments must always be made to improve our service and we have taken swift action to ensure the safety of drivers, road users and pedestrians, especially vulnerable groups, with the launch of this new environmentally friendly means of transport.

“Voi has a strong focus on training users to be responsible drivers of their electric scooters.

“Voi communicates extensively with its e-scooter users via in-app messaging, on social media and on our website or during our field safety events. A warning structure is in place for cyclists irresponsible and after two warnings, a user is blocked.

“In September 2019, Voi launched RideLikeVoia – the world’s first digital traffic school – completed by over half a million users to date. Users might also benefit from attending Voi’s regular online safety webinars that demonstrate how to safely drive and park an electric scooter. “

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