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New rides and Covid protection – How Alton Towers reopened after lockdown UK News

Fantasy flight aboard the Galactica
Fantasy flight aboard the Galactica

The resort – which is just an hour’s drive south of Sheffield – welcomed thrill seekers over the Easter break as restrictions relaxed to allow outdoor venues to reopen.

The coronavirus and social distancing measures mean there are still rules in place for visitors, but, overall, that doesn’t affect the experience.

Our family enjoyed a visit to Staffordshire Theme Park a few days after reopening to see if Covid had made a difference – and enjoy a day to check out all the rides.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlovers take a ride on Rita

Alton Towers has over 40 rides – and while not all were open due to Covid, there was plenty to keep our family occupied for the day, with the park currently open until 8pm.

New for this season are several retro-themed ephemeral rides that take guests back to the 1980s.

Mixtape – which sees runners bounce up and down, the Roller Disco waltz-style ride and Funk ‘n’ Fly make up the Retro Squad that has proven popular with our son, nine, and daughter, 13. provide additional entertainment.

For me, going back to old favorites and taking a ride on Oblivion with its vertical drop and face-down flight over Galactica was a must.

Gangsta Granny: The Ride opens in May

Then there are the big rides such as Wicker Man, Nemesis and The Smiler, plus Rita, the Runaway Mine Train – which we enjoyed twice – and the rapids of the Congo River, guaranteed to get you wet on a cold day of April.

We used a Fasttrack ticket to keep queues to a minimum and make the most of our day.

Later this year will see a new Gangsta Granny attraction: The Ride, based on the famous children’s book by David Walliams.

The new multi-sensory tour will see visitors join the main characters of the popular book as they attempt to steal the Crown Jewels.

In addition to the ride itself, there will also be an entire section of the park inspired by World of David Walliams, including Raj’s Shop and the Royal Carousel.

Unfortunately, due to government restrictions on indoor attractions, Alton Towers cannot open the area until May 17th.

And the restrictions also mean other indoor rides such as Hex are closed until May.

But Alton Towers has done everything possible to ensure the safety of visitors while being able to enjoy their experience in the park. They have a range of safety measures in place, including simple arrival temperature checks, one-way systems and mandatory face masks for people aged 11 and over on all journeys.

Staff are on hand to monitor potential crowds and make sure everyone is following the rules.

Social distancing means fewer people are allowed to go for walks with people respecting their family groups and a guaranteed space between the bubbles. It may mean a longer wait, but with the fleet operating at reduced capacity, queues are always reduced.

Alton Towers will undoubtedly be popular with families as many UK holidays at home this year – and there are celebrations and events planned throughout 2021, including Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest and an extravaganza of fireworks. Steel City I’m sure it will attract a lot of Sheffielders looking for a fantastic day.

Whether it’s a weekend excursion or a family holiday, with the new attractions and Covid measures in place, Alton Towers ensures that visitors young and old can stay safe and have an exciting and fun experience.

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