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COVID-19: Tony Blair Says Reluctance to Vaccine is “Completely False and Unjustified” | Political news

Tony Blair calls on Boris Johnson to launch a major advertising campaign to increase COVID vaccine uptake rates and allay fears about side effects.

The former prime minister says the government should do more to sell the benefits of vaccines and publish data on their effectiveness and safety.

Mr Blair’s call comes in a new report – Restoring Confidence in the Workhorse Covid-19 Vaccines, published by his Institute for Global Change – which examines the reasons for the growing reluctance to use vaccines, particularly with regard to AstraZeneca .

Side effects reported by patients receiving AstraZeneca jab have included blood clots, pain around the injection, fatigue, headache, nausea, joint pain and muscle pain.

But Mr Blair’s report concludes that concerns need to be addressed with clearer data on the benefits of the vaccine and the UK is in a unique position to provide it, as the only country to roll out different vaccines in large numbers. .

“In this article, we explain why the reluctance – especially around the AstraZeneca vaccine – is completely false and unwarranted,” Mr Blair wrote in the report’s foreword.

“Why regulators in different countries make decisions based on a narrow and unbalanced view of risk, and why government policy makers need to urgently address this situation and bring some consistency and logic to the question of assessment vaccines.

“And do it globally. We combine this with a call for better publication of data on vaccine efficacy and safety.

“The UK government has a particular interest in this because AstraZeneca is a vaccine developed in the UK and because it is the most widely used vaccine in the UK.”

The whirlwind advertising campaign proposal is the latest in a series of eye-catching policies on COVID advocated by Mr Blair, who is widely believed to have had a good pandemic.

Earlier this year, he called on Britain to use its G7 presidency to agree to launch an “international COVID pass” or vaccine …

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