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How long does my dog ​​have to walk? UK News

Dog owners have been given advice on how long different breeds should be walked after research found many are under exercised.

According to the PDSA Animal Welfare Report, 13% of dogs in the UK do not walk on a daily basis, which is detrimental to their well-being.

With April being ‘Active Dogs Month’, Kennelstore, the UK’s largest dog accommodation supermarket, has put together an infographic revealing how long each dog needs to walk based on their race.

Small dogs like the Yorkshire Terrier are said to need at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, while a Cocker Spaniel should get at least an hour. For larger breeds like Border Collies or Huskies, they need at least two hours of daily exercise.

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Andrew Jones, Kennelstore spokesperson, said: “When we make a commitment to owning a dog, we know we need to walk them frequently for exercise, mental stimulation and socialization.

“However, what many of us may ignore is that the right amount of exercise for your dog depends on his breed, age, health, and personality.

“One of the most important factors that can determine how long you should walk your dog is breed. Some dog breeds are more energetic and excitable than others, and because of this, they will need exercise. more frequent and more vigorous. ”

He continued, “There are other breeds that have instinctive preferences for play and exercise that they were deliberately bred for.”

“Just like us humans, our dogs need different amounts of exercise at different ages. A typical toddler would struggle with a two hour walk, so you should expect the same from a puppy.

“Likewise, as dogs get older, their stamina and ability to exercise for long periods of time also increases, and for this reason, they may find it difficult to get the exercise they already have. used.

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