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Ian Blackford’s dog – Maisie the collie – barks angry at Boris Johnson at HQ | Political news

They say every dog ​​has its day – and a political dog had its own during Prime Minister’s Questions.

It wasn’t Dilyn, Boris JohnsonJack Russell crosses paths, however, but Maisie the collie, the dog of SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford.

As Mr Blackford, practically appearing from his home on the Isle of Skye in his constituency, attempted to place the Prime Minister in the doghouse for glare and cronyism, Maisie could be heard barking loudly during his questions.

Members of the House roared with laughter but the PM, whose shaggy dog ​​hairstyle sometimes gives him the appearance of a Highland Sheepdog, couldn’t help but put Mr Blackford in the foot.

Claiming the SNP MP was barking the wrong tree, Mr Johnson said: “I thought his dog just made a more sensitive contribution to the discussion than he did.”

Mr Blackford later tweeted: ‘The three million people left by his government did not have David Cameron or James Dyson to text the Prime Minister for them.

“Even my dog ​​Maisie knows that.”

And in more dog whistle policy, Mr Blackford also tweeted a photo of himself with his dog, claiming she was barking angry at the Prime Minister.

“Here is an offending Maisie, who seems to want to speak out against Boris Johnson’s behavior,” Mr Blackford growled.

Well, they say in politics the dog eats the dog.

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This notice was published: 2021-04-21 15:00:00