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The 6 best cordless hedge trimmers of 2021: get your garden ready for spring with these long-reach hedge trimmers
The 6 best cordless hedge trimmers of 2021: get your garden ready for spring with these long-reach hedge trimmers

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Anyone who has used a corded hedge trimmer will know how easy it is to cut the leakage wire, so the emergence of decent, cordless hedge trimmers has been a game-changer for gardeners wanting quick and easy management. mobile hedges.

Gas-powered machines – while they are undeniably powerful and great for munching on tough hedges – can be heavy to operate thanks to their engine components and heavy fuel tanks, the resulting carbon emissions are not good. for your ecological references.

You (and your neighbors) also have to deal with the noise problem, especially if you are using one in a residential environment. Cordless machines are relatively quiet and environmentally friendly.

What should you look for in a cordless hedge trimmer?

You will find that high-end and expensive machines that are more intended for professional use will come with large capacity batteries for long-lasting performance and power. They will also be more adept at munching on more resistant shrubs. Smaller, less powerful models intended for lighter use will generally offer less run time and be less efficient when faced with woody twigs and stems.

Remember to keep it charged

Before you jump into the battle of the bushes with your new cordless mower, always make sure that your battery is fully charged because there is nothing more frustrating than falling flat in the middle of the job. It is also good to recharge your batteries immediately after completing the current job. You’ll thank yourself the next time you venture out into the garden with a mower in tow.

You can buy a battery-less hedge trimmer for a lower price – but you’ll need a battery and charger to keep it running, naturally. In almost all cases, it’s best to stick with the battery designed for that model – the exclusive design means it will be a perfect match for the model you’ve chosen. Prices here are for the complete set – mower, battery, charger – unless otherwise stated.

We’ve tested some of the best hedge trimmers on the market, from heavy professional models to those designed for light and recreational work. Our garden hedge is bald and pleads for mercy – here are six of the best.

18 ” Stihl HSA 86 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

18 ” Stihl HSA 86 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Stihl HSA 86 + 1 x AP200 Battery + AL300 Quick Charger € 435, bare unit € 249

For taming larger gardens and for professional use, look no further than this zippy issue of Stihl’s powerful AP line of tools. Featuring an excruciatingly sharp 18 inch blade and high strike rate, this mower danced through our hapless foliage, giving us some of the sharpest cuts in the test.

The soft stems were sliced ​​with surgical precision, while the thicker, knottier wood was cut without crushing or tearing. In use, the weight scale is perfect – the intuitive safety switch configuration and low vibrations make this tool a pleasure to use.

From an hour of charging using the AL 300 quick charger, the AP 300 battery will give you up to 3 hours of hedge beast action.

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Bosch EasyHedgeCut 18-45

Bosch EasyHedgeCut 18-45 + 1 * 18 V Li-Ion battery + charger € 129.95, bare unit € 49.95

We were concerned that this entry-level Bosch trimmer might be too light for the sloppy privet hedge we entrusted it with, but it did it with flying colors, proving to be a light, agile, and sharp kit.

Admittedly, the battery performance lacks a bit of power for the big jobs (although we did get about 30 minutes of slicing action with a one hour charge) and the small blade struggled on some of the rods. toughest ones, but for whistling around soft shrubs in small gardens, you can’t go wrong.

It was also the quietest mower we reviewed – perfect for those early morning hedge trimming sessions when you don’t want to wake up the neighbors.

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Gtech HT 3.0 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Gtech HT 3.0 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Gtech HT 3.0 Cordless Hedge Trimmer + 1 * 18V Li-Ion Battery + Charger, £ 199.99

This long-handled mower was designed to tackle hard-to-reach shrubs offering a 10-foot reach and features a 35cm cutting blade that you can tilt to different positions by lifting and locking the top lever .

The tool is powered by a distinctive grenade-shaped Li-on battery that slips into the base of the pole and provides a 60-minute cutting time from a 4-hour charge.

While the high work is its highlight, we found it to be a joy to use when we were tasked with close hedge work – with the blade attached in the upright position, you have a very good cutting tool yourself. handy for shaping and sculpting.

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Karcher HGE 18-45

Karcher HGE 18-45

Karcher HGE 18-45 + 18V battery + charger, £ 149.99

Karcher is a German company best known for their powerful, hard hitting washers – this hedge trimmer is from their range of gardening tools and offers cordless hedge maintenance at a decent price.

Armed with a 45cm diamond blade, this trimmer slices and dices at a reasonable knot rate and is light and biting in use. We also found that its bright yellow Karcher livery made it easy to spot under the pile of fallen foliage we had created.

The 18V battery offers a runtime of around 35 minutes (depending on how enthusiastic you worked and how resistant the hedge was), but it should be noted that the recharge time is rather long at 5 hours, so make sure to recharge it before you start. your trimming tasks.

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Husqvarna 520ihD60

Husqvarna 520ihD60 + BLI 200 Battery + QC330 Charger € 799

This top-of-the-line bush buster from Husqvarna is a true workhorse, designed to tackle the toughest hedges and sprawling shrubs and it’s the trimmer we’ll reach when the going gets woody and wild.

The unit is powered by a weatherproof 36V battery that slides sideways into the unit.

A fully charged battery should get you through most of the work, but if you start to run out of juice (indicated by an LED display on the side), the “ eco mode ” button will slow down the blade speed and you will allow more cutting time.

A finger lever (inside the chainsaw-style handle assembly) allows the mower body to tilt 90 degrees to provide fatigue-free side slicing without having to twist the trigger hand.

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