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Netflix steps up crackdown on users sharing their account passwords UK News

We all know that someone who uses a Netflix account is owned by someone else, a friend, a family member, or even an ex.

For years, no one really had a problem with this, but the streaming giant is cracking down on users sharing passwords.

Under the new rules, customers have been told they must be in the same household as the owner of the account they want to access. Users are encouraged to verify their identity by email or SMS.

Users first noticed the new restrictions last month when some users reported experiencing a screen reading: “If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching.”

Viewers would have the option to verify their identity via a code sent to the account owner or could choose to complete the process later.

In a statement, Netflix said, “This test is designed to help ensure that people using Netflix accounts are allowed to do so.”

Netflix isn’t showing any signs of backing down on this, sharing passwords is against the company’s terms of service after all.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings confirmed today that the streaming platform will continue to limit account sharing, although any changes have “made it seem like it makes sense to consumers.”

During a Netflix investor relations interview, Hastings was asked if it was a good time to “turn the screws” on customer password sharing.

He said, “We’re going to test a lot of things, but we’ll never deploy something that looks like turning the screws.

“It has to make sense to consumers, that they understand.”

Chief Operating Officer Greg Peters said: “We will continue to work on accessibility in the countries we serve, but we also want to make sure that, while we are doing this, we are able to. ensure that the people who use a Netflix account, who access the service, are the ones who are authorized to do so.

“And that’s what this series of tests is all about. It’s not necessarily new, we’ve been doing it for a while. ”

According to Netflix’s Terms of Service, account details are “not to be shared with anyone outside your household.”

In the UK, a monthly subscription costs between £ 5.99 and £ 13.99, depending on the plan.

This year, the streaming giant has increased its standard plan – which allows two screens to access one account, as well as HD – by £ 1 per month, from £ 8.99 to £ 9.99.

The premium package – offering access to four screens per account and Ultra HD – has been increased by £ 2 from £ 11.99 to £ 13.99, while the basic non-HD one-screen plan will remain at 5, £ 99 per month.

Netflix has said the price hikes are essential to reflect the “significant investments” it has made in new TV shows and movies.

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This notice was published: 2021-04-23 10:37:16