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UK border force sounds alarm as fake passes are used to enter amid fears of Covid variants | UK | New UK News

New cases of the Indian variant have emerged in the UK alongside the Brazilian and South African variants, raising concerns that border controls are not tightening enough against travelers. Although travel abroad is illegal, the government has set certain exemptions – such as travel for work or for medical reasons – which are controlled by negative tests and certifications. European border staff and law enforcement Europol warn infections slip through their net as false documents can be easily bought from tech-savvy criminals, meaning new variants could harm the Kingdom’s vaccination program -United.

International travel is expected to resume on May 17, with the UK government introducing vaccine passports as a way to promote safe travel and revitalize the tourism industry.

But some international travel continues and for people like carriers they have to produce a document that shows a negative test within three days of departure.

Officer Lucy Morton of the Immigration Services Union (ISU) has warned that border staff are being shown more false documents to allow people to enter with more than 100 people spotted every day.

Europol warns criminals are profiting from the pandemic by producing genuine documents to allow people to travel, which could cost up to £ 150.

The new Indian variant has now been spotted in the UK as India now grapples with more than 200,000 cases of Covid every day.

While it is not known how dangerous, resistant or widespread the variant is, scientists are increasingly concerned about how easily it has spread from its suspected source.

Scientists have, however, found a double mutation of the spike protein in the virus, which could mean that vaccines are less effective against it.

Discussing the matter with MPs, Ms Morton was asked how they knew whether the documents were genuine or not, to which she said, “We are not the simple answer, it relies primarily on trust.

Ms Morton also warned that delayed entry into the UK during border checks was “breeding ground” for the virus.

The latest figures reveal that there are 132 confirmed cases of the Indian variant in the UK, with India being placed on the travel red list on April 23.

Vaccines sold on the dark web have forced Interpol to crack down on criminals who sell fake injections to desperate people.

They have arrested dozens of criminals in China and South Africa and warned against Europeans turning to vaccines sold on the black market.

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