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Maya Forstater: Woman Who Loses Her Job Due To Transgender Views Warns Of “Scary” Precedent If Her Court Appeal Fails | UK News

Woman who lost her job after expressing the opinion that gender cannot be changed and that transgender women are ‘not women’ told Sky News she has no regrets about what she has done or said.

Maya Forstater lost a test case in labor court in 2019, arguing that her belief should be given legal protection.

The judge ruled that his views were “not worthy of respect in a democratic society.”

His appeal is heard next week and will include an intervention by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

In her first TV interview, she said losing her appeal would set a “scary” precedent and that it would be “an open season for women in particular, but for anyone talking about women’s rights based on gender.”

Ms. Forstater is a tax expert and feminist, and the protagonist of a bitter legal battle over sex, gender and freedom of expression.

She believes that the body a person is born with determines their gender, and that sex is immutable and cannot be changed or lost.

These beliefs are seen to be at odds with the rights of transgender people and the opposing view that gender and how a person identifies is more important.

In 2018, she was working as a consultant and visiting scholar at the Washington-based think tank, the Center for Global Development.

Some of Ms Forstater’s colleagues complained about her tweets and her contract was not renewed

In the fall of that year, she posted a number of tweets regarding her beliefs about sex.

These included his opposition to proposed reform of the gender recognition law that would allow trans people to “ identify themselves ”, legally switching from their assigned sex at birth without a medical diagnosis.

This led to a few colleagues complaining about her, starting a process that ended in the non-renewal of her contract.

She took her case to Central London Labor Court, asserting her beliefs …

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