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Line of Duty’s Carmichael fuels ‘bent copper’ claims as H speculation also intensifies UK News

Dozens of Line of Duty viewers have no doubts that Patricia Carmichael is ‘folded’ and most likely H after accusing her of very slippery behavior in Sunday’s critical episode.

After last weekend’s fifth episode left millions hanging with its cliffhanger “ shot ”, huge audiences tuned in to BBC1 at 9 p.m. only to find that, to their relief, it wasn’t Kate. Fleming who lost his life, but questionable PC Ryan Pilkington. .

But Kate did not escape the drama unscathed as, after fleeing the scene, she and DCI Jo Davidson were arrested as the AC-12, led by Carmichael and Hastings, dived.

Hastings wondered how Kate and Jo had been found so abruptly, given that they fled in Steve Arnott’s car and was then dismayed when Carmichael, the advice of many viewers at H, told him that Tracking devices had been placed on all AC-12 vehicles. because she “didn’t trust them”.

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Carmichael’s sneaky behavior was not aired there, however, and she fueled more suspicion when she took on a brutal 29-minute interrogation of Davidson in the interrogation room.

Watching intently, one viewer tweeted, “Carmichael is a hunchback person, for sure. In league with the big boss. Don’t worry, Ted will catch up to her” and, echoing those sentiments, another posted: ” If Carmichael ain’t hunched over then my whole life is a lie “

A third posted: “The way Carmichael closed all questions about Osborne … definitely folded !!! 1 more episode to go !!” and others were full of praise for Carmichael actress Anna Maxwell-Martin.

Praising the motherhood star, one commented: “Kudos to Anna Maxwell Martin for uniting the country in her hatred of the crooked whore Carmichael”, and a second wrote: “The way we all hate Patricia Carmichael so much, a testament to the insane talent of Anna Maxwell Martin “

Line of Duty's Carmichael fuels 'bent copper' claims as H speculation also intensifies
Line of Duty’s Carmichael fuels ‘bent copper’ claims as H speculation also intensifies

The main reason aside from Carmichael’s behavior for fans who think she is H is due to a cryptic word clue.

During Episode 4, Jimmy Lakewell turned down the opportunity to speak to DS Steve Arnott about the reasons murdered journalist Gail Vella had contacted him and, Lakewell calmly told him, “Look beyond the pretension. racial to find H. “

Certain that they had solved the mystery, a viewer tweeted: “We all know Patricia Carmichael is H. Jimmy Lakewell said” look beyond breed pretension to find H. “

“So take the letters of RACE CLAIM from the letters of CARMICHAEL. What do you get? H. Resolved.”