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Met Office South West Forecasts: Weather Will Turn Cold After Hot Weekend Bath City News

The Met Office has predicted that temperatures will drop next week in the southwest after the spring heat this weekend.

Temperatures soared to 18C over the weekend, and many took advantage of the weather with barbecues and pub outings.

However, the heat is expected to end this week, with the early parts of next week expected to see temperatures drop and clouds shift.

The long-range forecast for the southwest this week shows volatile cloud and downpours between Monday (April 27) and Friday (April 31).

The Met Office has confirmed the weather forecast for the Southwest.

There will be showers on Tuesday (April 27), mainly in the east, with some heavy showers overnight.

There will then be scattered showers on Wednesday (April 28) and Thursday (April 29), but it will be drier than the day before.

It will then become colder in the evening, with a risk of freezing during the night.

The Met Office forecast for the Southwest

Tonight and tonight:

This evening the clouds dissipate in the far west leaving clear skies all over allowing another mostly cool night while remaining dry and thin.

Some patches of morning frost for some. Stays ventilated with a minimum temperature of 0 ° C.


After a freezing start, bright skies make for a hot, dry day across the region.

Winds ease slightly throughout the day, but remain windy in the west, then become cloudy overnight.

The maximum temperature will be 16 ° C.

The outlook from Tuesday to Thursday:

There will be showers on Tuesday, mainly in the east, with some heavy showers overnight. There will be scattered showers Wednesday and Thursday, but drier.

The weather will be cloudy and will become colder with a risk of freezing overnight.

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