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Unions demand publication of messages between ministers and business relations on COVID contracts | UK News

Labor is calling on Boris Johnson’s government to release all communications between ministers and their contacts in cases that won contracts during the coronavirus pandemic.

The opposition would like messages issued in the context of emergency purchasing measures which led to the conclusion of agreements to be placed in the public domain, following concerns about lobbying and unequal access.

This follows allegations of improper conduct in communications between members of the Conservative government and people like Lex greensill, Sir James Dyson, and former prime minister David cameron.

A letter was sent by Phantom Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Rachel Reeves to her government counterpart Michael gove.

Ms Reeves expressed concern over “growing revelations related to Greensill, trade lobbying and, more recently, text messages sent by the Prime Minister to entrepreneur Sir James Dyson, promising to ‘fix’ him a tax break.

She continued: “I’m sure you also appreciate that these revelations create a growing impression that there is one set of rules for ministers and their close friends, and one for the rest of the British public.”

Ms Reeves also mentioned a case in the High Court brought by the Good Law Project against the government on PPE contracts.

Rachel Reeves, Phantom Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

She said the lawsuit “found that not only were basic checks missing, but businesses without the proper certification skipped the queue because of the whistleblowers they received, which put them in the lane. fast VIP in the first place “.

His letter added: “Equally baffling is one official’s revelations, complaining that the procurement team is ‘drowning’ in high priority requests without the proper certification or due diligence.”

She continued, “Knowing how exposed some of our frontline workers were during the height of the …

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