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COVID-19: Coronavirus vaccines now offered to people aged 42 and over in England | UK News

Vaccines against the coronavirus are now offered to people aged 42 and over in England.

This is the second time this week that the vaccine reservation system has been extended to more people in their 40s, having been offered to people aged 44 and over yesterday.

Now, people aged 42 and over, or those who will turn 42 before July 1, can arrange their jab date via the national booking site.

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The expansion of the vaccination program comes as weekend figures confirmed that more than half of the UK’s total population received a first dose of a COVID-19[female[feminine vaccine.

Government data up to April 25 shows that of the 46,650,008 jabs that have been administered in the UK so far, 12,897,123 were second doses.

The objective of offering a first coronavirus the vaccine dose to the nine most vulnerable groups as of April 15 had been reached three days earlier.

Despite the supply constraints and the second shots for those most at risk of contracting COVID Given the priority, the rollout was then gradually extended to adults under 50, with people in their mid to late 40s being the first group to be offered the vaccine as part of this second phase.

Less than a week after the reservation system opened, two-thirds of those 45 to 49 had received their first vaccine.

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PM denies saying ‘bodies pile up high’

During a visit to Wrexham on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged people to take the vaccine when offered.

He also urged the public to be “realistic” about the prospect of the UK being hit by a third wave of COVID-19.

“We have built what I think is certain …

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